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Quality, Fashion Forward Eyewear.

Optics believes that eyewear serves the dual function of providing optimum visual performance as well as making a statement about each patients unique sense of style and fashion.

Style & Quality

Enhancing your style

Your eye wear defines the look of your face everyday. It says a lot about your sense of style, your attitude, who you are. That's why it needs to fit more than just your face - it needs to fit your life. At Optics, we take the time to find out how you will be using your glasses and to get a feel for your personal style so that we can help you choose a pair that will enhance both your vision and your look. Our staff stays informed, of the latest technological advancements in the optical industry and can bring you the latest in advancements such as high definition lenses, computer bluetech lenses, and progressive lens designs available on the market today.

All of our opticians at Optics are ABO certified and they understand that to help you find the perfect pair of glasses, they need to know a lot more about you than just your prescription. Further, our opticians work side-by-side with our doctors so that nothing gets lost in translation from the writing of your prescription to the fitting of your eyewear.


Unsurpassed selection

At Optics you will find a unique collection of exceptionally well-crafted frames from designers who specialize in providing eyewear designed for individuals with a strong sense of style and understanding of quality, craftsmanship, and luxury. Select from the most technologically advanced lens materials available to create the thinnest, lightest and often clearest pair of glasses you've ever worn. So whether you want a classic, professional look or more of a cutting edge style that you won't see on everyone else in town, you'll find it here. You may even decide that multiple pairs are a smart idea. Not only do they provide a back-up pair in case of emergency, but it's a great way to change your image. You might also consider a pair that is task-specific like computer glasses, golfing glasses or prescription sunglasses for running or cycling. 

If you're looking for exceptional optical expertise, frame styling experience and honest opinions about your eyewear, the Optical showroom is here to help.

Sunglasses-Delivering Protection and Style

Our large selection of designer sunglasses will ensure our patients have access to leading edge style as well as providing critical protections from harmful UV rays.



Protection for the whole family. With more than 300 days per year of glorious Arizona sunshine, good UV protection is a must for everyone living in the valley. Ultraviolet radiation is as damaging to your eyes as it is to your skin and has been associated with the development of diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Just as sunscreen is necessary to prevent skin damage, 100% UV blocking sunglasses are essential to protect eye health. In Arizona, sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement - they're sunscreen for your eyes!! 

At Optics, you'll find the latest styles by the best names in designer sunglasses including Prada, Jimmy Choo, Fendi, Ray Ban, Tom Ford and many more. You will also find a great selection of sport sunglasses by well known designers such as Maui Jim and Oakley. 

And don't forget the little people in your life - we wouldn't send them to the pool or out onto the soccer field without their sunscreen, and good quality sunglasses are just as important. Our Kid's selection features sunwear that is durable, colorful and specially designed to fit those little faces.

For reduced glare and increased clarity in your vision, a pair of polarized sunglasses can’t be beat. An invisible filter is built into your lenses making images appear sharper and clearer while reducing the intensity of the sun’s glare. Make sure your polarized sunglasses block 100% of the sun's UV rays, and remember that polarized sunglasses are available with or without prescription.

Our certified opticians can help everyone in your family find the right combination of frame style, lens materials, tints and coatings for all your sunglass needs.

Lens Treatments

Enhancing the Performance of Your Lenses. Lens treatments are built into the lens during the manufacturing process and can enhance the performance and appearance of your eyeglass lenses.



Better comfort, clearer vision, reduced glare, and greater cosmetic appeal are all benefits that are provided with anti-reflective lenses. An anti-reflective treatment applied to the front and back surface of prescription lenses will greaty reduce the light reflected by the lens surfaces. This will allow your eyes to appear clearer behind the lenses, your vision will be more defined, and glare from reflected objects, especially headlights at night, will be virtually eliminated. With reflections eliminated, lenses with AR coating provide better vision for night driving and more comfortable vision for reading and computer use. In addition, if you have a “strong” prescription, anti-reflective treatments will make your eyes appear more natural.


Carefully calibrated layers of metal oxides are applied to the front and the back of the lenses. Each of these layers are designed to block reflected light which includes glare, annoying reflections, and the hazy “halos” you often see around lights at night. Anti-reflective treatments are good for sunglasses too as they can be applied to the back side of the lens to eliminate glare reflected around the sides of the frame.


UV Protection

You wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV rays in sunlight. Why not do the same and protect your eyes with lenses that block 100% UV?


Eye exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause damage to your eyes. Over time, UV rays can contribute to serious age-related eye conditions or diseases.  Ultraviolet rays are always present outdoors on those sunny days, cloudy days, and every day in between. Wearing lenses with maximum UV protection is crucial to maintaining good ocular health.


Unlike sunscreen that you apply and reapply, eyeglass lenses and sunglasses can have ultraviolet protection built into the lens, or applied as a lens treatment. Remember, although UV is invisible to the human eye, it is always present. Your lenses, therefore, should always provide UV protection.


The most important thing about UV glasses is to be certain your eyewear provides near or exactly 100% UV protection  from both UVA and UVB rays. Anything less is not providing the help you need for the short and long-term protection of your healthy sight.


Scratch Resistant

Scratched lenses are an annoyance that can interfere with your abililty to see comfortably and clear and limit the performance of the lens. Many of today’s lenses are manufactured with a scratch resistant protection built into the lens.  This treatment is specifically designed to resist scratches. Scratch resistant lenses can go a long way toward minimizing the everyday wear and tear we put on our eyewear. Even though scratch resistant treatment are very beneficial, please remember to keep your eyeglasses in a soft cushioned, sturdy case when not wearing them. Please clean them regularly with lens cleaner or warm, soapy water and dry them with a clean, soft cloth. A little extra care goes a long way!

Free Form Lenses

The New Technology of Digital High Definition Lenses. High definition lenses are designed to provide sharper vision in all conditions and reduce glare for nighttime driving.


In today’s high tech world many of you have heard the term high definition. The most popular type of high-definition eyeglass lenses are called free-form lenses. Digital lenses are synonymous with what HD stands for because they too offer a better visual picture and sharper definition throughout the entire visual surface of your lenses.


How the lens is manufactured is what sets digital lenses apart. To create these lenses an advanced digital technology is used to resurface the lens allowing for greater precision over the entire lens surface. The fabrication of some digital, free-form lenses also takes into account how the lenses are positioned in front of the wearer's eyes when in the eyeglass frame, to provide the most accurate lens power and the sharpest vision possible. With these and possibly other factors taken into account during lens design and fabrication, high-definition eyeglass lenses offer an unprecedented degree of customization which provides you with more visual comfort, improved peripheral vision, sharper definition and less eye fatigue.

Digital lenses also allow more versatility in lens shapes in regards to prescription so you are not limited on frame styles because of your prescription needs.

Blue Tech Lenses

Minimizing Computer Vision Syndrome and Digital Eye Strain. In todays world of high technology and increasing computer use, it is important to protect our eyes from the negative effects these devices can cause.


Computers, tablets, e-readers, smartphones and other electronic devices with visual displays all can cause tired eyes, digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome.

And computer-related eye problems have become widespread: according to a 2015 survey by The Vision Council, 65 percent of American adults reported having symptoms of digital eye strain.




What is Blue Light?

Unlike UV, which is filtered by the cornea and crystalline lens, blue light is the highest energy light that actually makes it to the back of the eye. Our eyes have no natural protection in our younger years.


Where does blue light come from?

You encounter blue light in everyday activities. Fluorescent lighting, electronic screens (phones, tablets, computers, TVs, etc.), and the sun emit damaging high-energy blue light.



Is there good blue light?

Not at night. According to Harvard researchers, even dim light can interfere with a person’s circadian rhythm and melatonin secretion. “A level of brightness of about twice that of a night light has an effect.”


How does blue light affect us?

Daily vision – glare, visual strain

Long term vision – may contribute to macular damage

Sleep/wake cycle disruption


What are BluTech Lenses?

BluTech Lenses are a revolutionary solution for the lifelong preservation of eye health and prevention of macular degeneration. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments, BluTech Lenses are the ultimate in protective eyewear and visual performance. Developed with the perfect amount of ocular lens pigment and melanin they emulate your eyes natural defenses. BluTech Lenses are crafted from durable material and offer you complete protection from UV rays and harmful, high-energy blue light.


Why do I need BluTech Lenses?

With the upsurge in electronic devices, your eyes are exposed to increasing levels of harmful light spectrums. BluTech Lenses protect your eyes from the dangers of high levels of UV rays and harmful, high-energy blue light for a lifetime of vision preservation. BluTech indoor lenses provide protection from sources of harmful high-energy blue light, such as harsh fluorescent lighting, computer screens, and personal electronics, while also giving you soothing vision.


They’re the world’s most technologically advanced lenses, offering the ultimate in visual performance and protection from harmful light spectrums. BluTech Lenses fit your lifestyle and any style frame. Ease the strain on your eyes and see well into the future Give your eyes the relaxation they deserve.

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